For about 30 years, the genius Jewish researcher Joseph Ezekiel Yahuda compared 3 languages: Jewish, Arabic and Ancient Greek Homeric. The book, published in English, and titled ‘Hebrew is Greek’, was written by lawyer, linguist and researcher, Joseph Yahuda, the son of Isaac. Hebrew Is Greek has 3 ratings and 0 reviews: Published by Becket Publications, pages.

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From a Bible perspective and considering all the research in Hislop’s Two Babylonsit seems more treek that: He is a Jewish linguist. The Septuagint renders Tarshish as Carthage, absolutely. The only grammatical characteristics that I knew of that were common to both Greek and Hebrew, concerned the definite article and the dual number nouns [count nouns].

I don’t remember reading about Moses having breek horns, entering any cave, or finding any fountain of life. Trivia About Hebrew Is Greek. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I estimate that 9 out of each 10 words of the [Jewish] Bible can be proved to have a purely Greek equivalent.

Hebrew is Greek : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Though Jewish both by nationality and religion, J. Yahuda has told us, as he may have thought that everyone understood what he was saying. Refresh and try again. Philologic Logeion Other related subreddits: The location of Tarshish has been a question for a long time. In any case, history has not witnessed circumstances where such elaborate borrowing would be possible on such a large scale.


If one searches the well known libraries of the world, the book may not be found. Jah marked it as to-read Feb 09, Return to Book Page. This subreddit is dedicated to discussions about ancient Greek language and literature. With my theory, it became possible for me to correct the translation of the Septuagint, using the Septuagint and the translation of the Bible, using the Bible.

He takes it for granted they’re related, to be sure, but then just wants to show that the Semitic languages and the Indo-European languages are all both interrelated and derived from Greek.

The door of genealogical descent stood before me and I could not attempt to pass through it or climb above it. At the same time, though, I was thinking that it would be interesting to collect and deconstruct a complete list of groups of similar words so as to demonstrate the degree of influence of Hebrew on Greek at the time before Alexander the Great considering that the reverse influence became stronger following his conquests.

He does the same with Greek, of course. However, they did think that my belief in the correspondence of Hebrew with Greek was rather exaggerated. They said I was too ambitious, and suggested, for my own good, that I expect less and adopt a ‘less controversial view.

This ecumenical research will be reviewed by three separate specialists, one for hebreq language gahuda, although each specialist does have knowledge of the other two languages.

Hebrew is ‘Greek wearing a mask. With regards the Hebrew and Greek language theory postulation cited, the problem and with the first “type” of character is putting them within a true chronological context.


He has achieved the level of a true Hellene. If we want to keep going with the Septuagint, I would also note that the verse in question has no mention of singing at all. There isn’t much about it online, but what exists is gold.

I’m sure things that incredible would stick out to me. I remember asking my friend Gerald Emanuel, in a teashop into write the whole Greek alphabet on the bottom of a half-written page.


However the Greek crisis ends, whether with Athens leaving t. Login or Register Facebook user? Light thinks it is faster than anything-but it is wrong.

You can use your Facebook account to sign into our site. For reasons that should need no explanation for anyone who’s been hanging around this sub for the last little while, I’ve become curious about the, shall we say, unconventional linguistic theories of Joseph Ezekiel Yahuda.

Suddenly, I realized that the MV existed in Hebrew. CNN -Has the post-war dream of a grand union of democratic. I surmounted these forces, however, and picked up a copy in my library. These two could not be mixed.

When my wife was asked by a friend how she was sure of my work, since she knew neither Greek nor Hebrew, she answered: