Volume Spread Analysis is an attempt to predict the market direction. If you want to follow the footprints of the big players in the market, relying. Home Tags Kartik Marar. Tag: Kartik Marar. Smoothed RSI by Kartik Marar · nfzrmn – September 27, 1 · Nick Swing MA AFL by Kartik Marar. Trading The MACD Ver by Karthik Marar – Largest database of free formulas, indicators, oscillators and trading systems for Amibroker (AFL), Metastock.

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You will find weakness coming in at the top of the range and strength at the bottom of the range.

Karthik Marar

But the prices drop so rapidly and most of the investors and green horns that entered late never get a chance to off load there holdings. From a VSA perspective we will find support or strength coming near the bottom trend line. Posted mwrar Karthik at 8: It is better to note the volume during these rallies. Each stage would be an advance at higher volumes and a retracement at lower volumes.

The mark down phase is the most depressing and cruel part of the SM game plan. Once the smart money has a cornered a huge chunk of the stocks, they are ready for the next move.

kartthik If the down bar is with low volume and closing up, then the weakness of the upthrust bar is still in question.


This would mean that the demand is drying up.

Experiments in Technical Analysis

The current Up Trend may possibly end soon and we may see Down trend soon. Marthik quick backtest on the Nifty The Indian stock Index is provided below. But are still signs of weakness.

On thing I found amusing is that my custom Volume Histogram has been generating a lot of interest. In the same way decreased volume and spread as the stock approaches support area is sign that the stock would take support in that area and reverse.

Volume Spread Analysis Karthik Marar

Normally, we would see some of the above signs, if not all, in kartik accumulation area. The most common recognizable one is the one where the stock moves sideways in a narrow range and the volume has dried up. The reverse Upthrust is rare and is found rarely at bottoms. The Answers for the above would decide how potent the Upthrust is. Saturday, May 21, Custom Volume Histogram. This by itself does not portend great weakness.

Downbar — A bar would be called a Downbar if the close of the bar is below the close of previous bar. These are clearly evident on the mararr in terms of high volume wide range bars.

Support and Resistance mzrar Messages are displayed as the price approaches a support or resistance lines. There seems to general lack of interest on all sides. It is also common to see consolidation bases at the bottoms.


The No Supply bar is a narrow range, low volume down bar closing in the lower half. What followed is obvious… Author: These should be above the previous retracement stops. Lack of volatility 2.

Also too much volume is not good. Increased volume and spread would indicate that chances of the stock breaking the support are more. If the close is towards the middle it would mean than the SM was not successful in marking the price down. The support and resistance lines can be plotted on the chart.

Volume Spread Analysis Karthik Marar – Free Download PDF

A TEST bar typically dips into a previous high volume area karhhik recovers to close near the high on low volume. Also it would a good sign if the stocks trading range is much above the support line. Normally in a down trend, you will see a down bar with high volume bar karhhik on the upper side. Links to this post Email This BlogThis! The smart money accumulates the stocks at low prices.

A No Supply indication has to be read in context with background.