2 Introduction to the Koha Installation Process. 3 MARC21setup. Manual Documentation, Release MARC21 setup. This preference lets you decide when you’d like to create an item record in Koha. If you choose to add an item record when ‘placing an order’. Koha News. Koha New & Updated System Preferences a step further and included a link to the Koha manual for each as well.

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This preference allows all patrons to see who has the item checked out if it is checked out. This preference controls the default value in the field on Authority records.

It can not harvest from other repositories.

The AlternateHoldingsField preference can contain multiple subfields to look in; for instance abhi would look in subfields a, b, h, and i. This preference does nothing unless the IndependantBranches preference is set to ‘Prevent’.

A tag is metadata, a word added to identify an item. When in acquisitions this preference allows you to control whose baskets you can see when looking at a vendor. This requires that PazPar2 is set up and running. Why do I need Authorized Values? If set to “Don’t”, the staff member checking an item in at a location other than the item’s home branch will be asked whether the item will remain at the non-home branch in which case the new location will manial marked as a holding location or returned.

This feature will allow you to enter a series of quotes that will then show on the OPAC homepage in random order. Setting this preference to “Allow” will display only one branch’s holdings.


Calculate but only for mailing to the admin Calculate and charge Don’t calculate. This also coincides with maxoutstanding that limits patrons from placing holds when the maximum amount is owed to the library. Important Requires that you enter your SyndeticsClientCode before this content will appear. This preference tells Koha how to handle changes to your Authority records.

Duplicate Overdue Notices 2. This will help staff mark items as ‘available’ if you choose to ‘display a message’ or ‘require confirmation.

Each fiction title within a series mxnual linked to the complete series record. For non-itemtype values, the value in AdvancedSearchTypes must match the Authorised Value name, and must be indexed with ‘mc-‘ prefixing that name. Patrons and Circulation 1. If you would rather it only enter an automatic barcode when you click on the plugin the Manuual continue to focus on continuous improvement of our services and product offerings, to meet the ever evolving needs of our library clients.

This preference sets the length of time the Staff Client or OPAC accounts can be left inactive before re-logging in is necessary. The “Most Popular” page shows the top circulated items in the library, as determined by the number of times a title has 3.110 circulated.

Compared to Koha 3. This should be filled in with something like koha. Search RSS Feeds 2.

CALYX Newsletter August 2013

The preference can look for stylesheets in the template directory for your OPAC language, for instance: For more information on this service please visit the OCLC website: The default CSS defines a region just large enough to display the Koha logo, and if your logo doesn’t match the Koha logo’s dimensions pixels koa by 38 pixels highit won’t display correctly.


Patrons will still be able to search other libraries via the Koua search page – but will be limited to searches for their library only from the basic search box. A notice that lists all the of the items the patron has just checked out, this is an electronic form of the checkout receipt Item Due: This HTML will display below the existing notice that no results were found for your search.

This allows self checkouts for those items. This preference determines if your OPAC is accessible and searchable by anyone or only by members of the library.

Chapter 2. Administration

This can net your library referral fees if a patron decides to buy an item after clicking through to Amazon from your site. This preference will only be taken in to account if you have virtualshelves set to ‘Allow’. If you would like to style your receipts or slips with a consistent set of fonts and colors you can use this preference to point Koha to a stylesheet specifically for your slips. If you choose ‘Do not show’ it will only show patrons authority records that are linked to bib records in the search results.

This preference is a binary setting which determines whether auto-completion of fields is enabled or disabled for the circulation input field.

Items with no checkouts 2. Batch item modification 2.