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When she gets even with the drug lord by stealing a fortune, he gets the call to howqrd her down. It is sad that a skilled and experienced writer like Linda Howard had to resort to stupid and cheesy views on motherhood, something you expect from amateur first timers in the djamanti.

She also feels angry at herself, because her four hour lover made her come alive for the first time in her life.

I quickly came to care about what happened to the characters, and I enjoyed the engrossing storyline. Usually it was bad shit, sometimes it was good shit, but it was always random shit. Dec 21, Lisa – Aussie Girl rated it it was amazing Shelves: I haven’t read a lot of romantic suspense and it is a New Year’s Resolution to amend that for next year. All is well until one day The Assassin asks Rafael to give Drea to him for sexual favours in return for a hit job.

Rafael’s underestimation of Drea’s intelligence results in his conducting business dealings in her presence.

The characters were not well developed. It takes a talented author to take characters of this ilk and turn them into a believeable hero and heroine. And then it got weird. The characters are fascinatingly complex and their reactions to events and second chances made all the difference for me.

Feb 08, Christine rated it did not like it. When I closed this book, I thought it was one of the most feel-good, romantic books I’ve read this year. There’s no way to predict when or how something will or won’t set you off. Drea’s awareness of the assassin’s pursuit throws her into a panic and affects her ability to drive calmly.


The assassin wants a few hours with Drea in return for a job well done. Llinda earlier books are much better. Hardcoverpages.

For the next few chapters, we see Drea forming a plan where she will leave Rafael and hit him where it hurts, his bank account. And at least, I had the urge again to see what will happen. Yes, you have to suspend diamznti for a few aspects of this novel, both the spiritual and the possibility of falling in love with a killer from one amazing sexual encounter.

La regina dei diamanti

What happens to Drea to turn her into the more sympathetic Andie is also extrememly unexpected and very well written. The story wasn’t bad but it sometimes went on way too much about exactly how the characters did certain things like escape, move money around, plan their next moves, etc. While the great humor from Mr. I liked Drea’s smarts and quick-thinking as she put her plan into action. You can’t believe you’re rooting for Drea and the Assassin, but you do!! I don’t love the woo-woo, but it was palatable here.

This was a great book, and I am still trying to determine how the author created such a wonderful story with a hero who is an unrepentant assassin and a heroine whose last two years have been spent as the pampered mistress of a dangerous drug lord.

The only time a story about angels and dead children could have worked and could have been truly moving, rather than infuriatingwould be if it were written from the standpoint of deep grief, of exploration of loss of such magnitude, of a boundless pain in which a mother is locked, but then you’ll have to write a different book and not this.

If there is a complaint from me, the villain not that evil in fact I found him amusing, so I feel a bit sorry for the mob guy at the end: This is the second Howard book I’ve read and both have been a success.


Death Angel

Return to Book Page. It was suspenseful and nail-biting, what with the sexy assassin, the heist, the getaway, the chase! But like this book I did. Drea believes she is content to continue her current life as long as Rafael wants her, until he stuns her with what she sees as an ultimate betrayal. Lnda is a wealthy thug’s arm-candy.

It’s rather atypical to read a book where the heroine starts out as the pampered mistress of a drug lord.

Romanzi Rosa Homage

Okay, so he’d had to linsa her sternum in half, but cutting her drugs in half? The only form of payment he’ll except? What can I say? To put it nicely, Drea is a gold-digging whore who stumbled onto the good life by latching herself to a wealthy criminal.

La regina dei diamanti : Linda Howard :

D and Salinas treats her like she’s a precious possession. So my rec is, if you want to read a book that’s unpredictable, go ahead and give this a try: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

But this was my first Linda Howard book, it was a total page-turner, and I’ll gladly read more from her. Someone who dej the movie “Sleeping With the Enemy”. If you’ve read as many romances as I have, you really appreciate different and this is different.

He is the ultimate dark hero.

If you like romantic suspense with about half and half for romance and suspense, you really need to pick up dixmanti Angel” by Linda Howard.