The unknown life of Jesus Christ by Nicolas Notovitch(Book) Translated from the original french of ‘La vie inconnue de Jesus Christ’, this fascinating lateth century account by Russian La vida secreta de Jesucristo by Nicolas Notovitch (Book) Audience level: (from for La vida se to for Le Tsar, s. Notovitch’s story, with the text of the “Life,” was published in French in as La vie inconnue de Jesus Christ. It was. The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ The Original Text of Nicolas Notovitch’s Discovery . La vida secreta de Jesús (Bolsillo) (INVESTIGACIÓN) [Colección.

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Joseph, “Jesus in India? El legado de Haya de la Torre. The Influence of a Crowd on the Individual.

The Decline of the West. The Frontier In American History. The chief lama showed him a scroll that described a man with an uncanny resemblance notivitch Jesus of Nazareth and his teachings. El Testamento Politico de Hitler: End Times of the Church. Ignatius Donnelly and The End of the World.

Information Guerrilla — Independent people against media hypocrisy. L’empereur Nicolas II et la politique russe by Nicolas Notovitch Book 13 editions published between and in French and held by 54 WorldCat member libraries worldwide. Other authors have taken these themes and incorporated it into their own works.


Notovitch, Nicolas [WorldCat Identities]

What was so distinctive about the russian bolshevik party? Last Man Against Time: L’Europe et l’Egypte by Nicolas Notovitch 12 editions published between and in French and held by 75 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

The Origins of Christianity. Of Occult Philosophy or Magic.

Nicolas Notovitch

Gerald O’Collins classified Kersten’s work as the repackaging of the same stories. It is entitled in French: A Geographical, Historical and Ethnological Sketch. Novotovich’s wish to remain accepted by the Orthodox Church [ citation needed ]for whatever unpublished reason, may fully explain his confession of fabrication [ citation needed ].

Causa — Revista Argentina de Pensamiento Nacional. The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Nicolas Notovitch – Wikipedia

E’ questo l’incubo dei potenti. Notovitch is a gentleman and not a liar, we cannot help thinking that the Buddhist monks of Ladakh and Tibet must be wags, who enjoy mystifying inquisitive travelers, and that M. The Great War of Continents.

The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Palabsurdist author Christopher Moore parodies the notion that between the ages of 15 and 30, Jesus traveled to Tibet to study Buddhism in a monastery after first having traveled to Afghanistanthen to India to study Hinduism. The Lost Years of Jesus.


Notovitch, Nicolas 1858-

He added that “the overall value of these records is inestimable in a search for the historical Jesus”. The unknown life of Jesus Christ, the original text of Nicolas Notovitch’s discovery by Nicolas Notovitch 5 editions published between and in English and held by 59 WorldCat member libraries worldwide Translated from the original french of ‘La vie inconnue de Jesus Christ’, this fascinating lateth century account by Russian journalist and anthropologist Nicolas Notovitch tells of his apparent discovery of documents that suggest that Jesus Christ travelled to India and studied Buddhism.

Gold in the Furnace.

The Earth Mysteries and Sacred Sites. A Factor of Evolution. Technophilia, An Infantile Disorder. A Son of God: