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LA76810A Datasheet PDF

Came after the storm. Do not care Output the color system of IC which is operating. Regulator is based on the above theory.

Before repairing, assure that the volume is on and the state of set is in Yes Hear if there is the voice liking Ka A resister is needed to connect with this pin from Vcc. The switchmode power supply automatic regulates the current in the base of switch transistor to keep the out stable. It becomes standard mode if it is synchronize with the standard signal This chassis, at least in our region, less common received than the chassis 3Y And yet, in recent years that I met – marking the top body panels are often marking corresponds to the processor the last four characters, in particular, LCA – 5Z For a TV, it may just be a bad connection or failed diode.


LA Datasheet, PDF – Alldatasheet

C arry chain delay to the next LA B. If H-Lock not detect, then stop vertical sync separation. R,RPR connect in series. There are a semi-infinite number of variations on this daatasheet theme. But no more adjustment of horizontal frequency is needed in the mass-production products. Outputs, 4 inputs32 combinations only.

When writing to abide by the word alignment on the screen – the middle of any word must match the address h to the letter I AKIRA. This is hampered by the fact that there is much spread in HOT parameters.

The maximum DC voltage of pin 4 is 9V. That is two conditions, requiring two degrees of design freedom. The safety of the television will be effected while the voltage was changed So we must adopt regulative circuit to ensure the stabilization of the output voltage. Vdet 1 Select Satasheet sync system. If R1 datasheeg increased, the loop gain will increase and the pull-in range will increase as well.

The final voltage regulated depends on V,V etc. Learn from your mistake. Vsync system always working.

And the DC output of this pin is about 2. No abstract text available Text: One possibility is that glue used to hold components down on some circuit boards has deteriorated and turned conductive.

In TVit need switching typical power to provide stable DC.

The maximum drive current of Q1 is 1mA. HR-LA there is a different type of personnel ddatasheet place. N is an photocoupler that implements light – electric conversion.


Таблиця “шасі-комплектуючі” в TV

When power is turned on ,a relatively high current is applied to the degauss coil wrapped around the periphery of the CRT. Do not expect to find the circuits shown above staring you in the face when you get your service manual. We recommended the value of C1 is 0. This same principle applies at the electronic. Your scope may be picking up interference which is swamping the low level signal your are searching for.

LA Datasheet SANYO pdf data sheet FREE from

This current will smoothed at the external capacitor of pin 7 and control Snd-VCO. TV came to life! Just make it a point not to make the same mistake again.

The detail is described as follow: If the desired code located on the current datasheeg, the search does not take much time, because 20 combinations have already been used. Note that to the average person, the obvious question becomes: Removing the lock in these chassis – press and hold the DISP button on the remote control for sec. Volume at least 2.