Sprinkled with fascinating details about the lives of women in Regency England, Lady of Milkweed Manor is a moving romantic drama about. The Lady of Milkweed Manor was Julie Klassen’s first novel and, in my opinion, it is her best. The Lady of Milkweed Manor tells the story of four. Prologue. When first I knew her, I thought her an amusing scrap of girl, silly and a bit grubby from her mornings spent in the gardens. When not pottering about.

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A very nice tale by Ms.

I will warn more conservative readers that this one centers on more adult topics. Charlotte had said not a word.

When I first began this novel, I was a little disheartened to think that it might be similar to Klassen’s most recent novel, The Girl in the Gatehouse, but I soon found that the similarity was just that, a small similarity. He had been stern—self-righteous even—before this happened, and now was all the more. It seems rather that when she tells how it happened it makes the reader feel that manog young woman in that situation would not have been able to resist, which almost seeks to justify it.

But Klassen adds historical detail to Lady of Milkweed Manor that gives a picture of why certain characters act as they do. I read several reviews addressing Charlotte being pregnant out of wedlock, I don’t think the writer made that feel like a flattering or good choice for young Charlotte as lacy paid dearly for her sin. Review – Beyond All Dreams. It had been a gift from her mother’s sister, and Charlotte didn’t think her father would object to her taking it.

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Lady of Milkweed Manor: Julie Klassen: : Books

And did my Saviour bleed, And did my Sovereign die? Cut to the Quick reviewed Oct. Two minutes later, just as she knew it would, the post wagon approached.

Apparently that was what had happened here—milkweed had been introduced and, left unchecked, had taken over most of the lawn. We know how you lying-in girls get toward the end. View all 6 comments. And somehow bless Miss Charlotte Lamb. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

Lady of Milkweed Manor

From what appears to be a setting and a situation that was devoid of hope, Klassen created a powerful story of love and sacrifice. As someone who reads dozens of regency-era books, I can say this book stands alone as completely different.

I hate when it is left for the very last page. Honestly, it was just sad. His parting words echoed again through Charlotte’s mind, and she flinched—envisioning the disappointment that would certainly have clouded her mother’s face—but yet she wished her mother were here with her, walking this rutted path, consoling her as she always had that all would work out in the end.

Mar 09, Sarah rated it liked it Shelves: As Charlotte arrived at Milkweed Manor, nothing looked good, not even the house in itself.

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. There are details about pregnancy and nursing that some people might not like, however, having grown up with a mother who nursed and being very involved with my little siblings when mom was pregnant, I didn’t find any of it offensive at all. Though why she should fear being caught in here she had no idea. Aug 26, Andrea Cox rated it liked it Shelves: From Publishers Weekly In this inspirational historical romance debut novel set in 19th-century England, a young pregnant woman is forced to make difficult choices.


It makes these characters a lot more human and relatable. Yes, it was a moving story about sin, trial, forgiveness, redemption, love, loss, duty, motherhood, etc, but the majority of the first half of the book I was embarrassed to read, even alone to myself! Trivia About Lady of Milkweed Very “earthy” in some ways, wh “Romantic” novel set in something.

Then mmilkweed stepped off the cobbles and crossed the damp and narrow Gower Mews. I loved this book!!! The book had a chance to be a beautiful example of God’s love and forgiveness, but it wasn’t, which was too bad.

Many times, slapping a label of “Regency England” on a novel without research that actually enhances the story is somehow enough for some people. Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen, a new circumstance would appear, but it all felt natural to the flow of the story.

A graduate of the University of Illinois, Julie worked in publishing for sixteen years and now writes full time. I suppose Father’s anger is right and just.

Lady of Milkweed Manor

This story is so full of passion that it will make your heart sing. And mnor her, whose reputation I am determined will suffer no more—not if it is in my power to prevent it.

The author went rather in depth in several rather personal things, such as child birth milkwred hospitals a I probably was never going to really like this book, because I’ve never been fond of the disgraced woman plot device, I don’t really know why.