Although the technique discussed in this guide is relatively simple, it requires a certain amount of .. Les Vers – Des croyances populaires au lombricompostage. A Council? A notice to be given? We are there for you from Monday to Friday from 9 h to 12 h and from 14 h to 18 h. Free call forward fixed. In the composting chamber, earth worms transform feces and toilet paper into compost. Dans le local de compostage les vers de terre.

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It is a good idea to add dried, crushed egg shells regularly to neutralize the acidity of the decomposing scraps. Safe inside a covered bin, they transform food scraps and plant waste into high-quality guids.

It will also work wonders in your vegetable garden and flower beds. Ideal for the health of the flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables from gardens or crops potted.

You can harvest it by pushing the entire contents of the bin to one guife and adding new bedding to the other side.

I download the user guide PDF. Available for the countries of the European Union. The circulatory system consists of a large contractile dorsal vessel where the blood is propelled forward.

They need to be fed one to three times a week. Anti-odeur — Anti-fuite de vers — Anti-fuite de liquide — Anti-insectes: Eisenia adult weighs between 0. City Worms the guide. More than 20 huide communities forecasts appreciate its versatility, strength, and its high rate of adoption by local residents.


BOI your cardboard, vegetable peelings, remains of meals, marc and coffee filters, tea bags, shells of eggs, hair, pet hair, even the vacuum bag Diluted 10 times in the water, I get up to one liter of natural fertilizer lombricomostage day!

These worms eat up the equivalent of their weight per day of organic material and reduce by lombgicompostage the initial volume they have absorbed. No, normally not at all. He only eats humus already decomposed by the soil microfauna.

Avoid adding any meat, fish, bones, dairy products, fats, condiments, diseased, insect-infested or pesticide-treated plants, or weeds that have gone to seed. The team is at your service from Monday to Friday from 9 lombricompoatage to 12 h and from 14 h to 18 h 04 67 31 75 A piece of geotextile in the bottom of the bin to stop the bedding and worms from falling through the drainage holes.

Its design strengthens the structure and strength of the base.

lombri vue etendue | Garden | Pinterest | Compost, Irrigation and Garden

Worms Eat my Garbage: After a period of digestion,worms reject a field devoid of smell, the consistency of a soil called vermicompost. Added to the free compost, this is real savings, and my neighbors can giide enjoy!

By moving the litter of worms we perceive these cocoons, goes out of small brown-yellow bead. The digestive tract is quite developed.

Each segment is covered with short hairs on the ventral side helping him to move.


The vermicompost will be ready to harvest about 3 weeks later. Families, communities, urban lombricompostagr, children Vermicompost is an amendment rich in nutrients for plants nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Vermicompost makes a great soil amendment for houseplants and seedlings. The scraps should be thoroughly buried under the bedding to avoid attracting fruit flies. To move forward, the earthworm contracts its circular muscles and stretches her body.


Vermicomposting | Space for life

Son charme y fait aussi pour beaucoup: This type of worm that is used for vermicomposting. As lombricompostgae name suggests, this composting method relies on worms, more specifically a type of worms known as red wrigglers Eisenia foetida. It is found naturally in the leaf litter, compost or manure.

And, of course, some red wrigglers not the same thing as the earthworms in your garden. It may be shredded newspaper or leaves, mixed with a bit of sand or soil.

Every day, I get up to 5 cl of concentrated liquid fertilizer Thanks to the faucet located at the bottom of the City of Worms. This worm is hermaphrodite, what means that it possesses as well the male organs as the female organs. The hatching of cocoons takes place at the end of three weeks.

In each of these cocoons will develop on average three small worms.