The Flying Saucer Conspiracy by Major Keyhoe [Major Donald E Keyhoe] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. January, TRUE Magazine article by Donald E. Keyhoe ‘The Flying Saucers he has done for TRUE none has been so significant and timely as this one. Donald E. Keyhoe, Writer: Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. Donald E. Keyhoe Himself – Former Marine Corps Major (as Donald Keyhoe). Farewell, Good .

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In he joined MUFON ‘s board of directors, but his membership was essentially in name only because of his declining health, and he had little to do with the organization. Shaped like a C, but larger, it had no wings, motors, or visible means of propulsion.


There is reason to believe, however, that some other race of thinking beings is a matter of two and a quarter centuries ahead of us. Numerous reports were made by serious, reputable citizens.

Such an investigation would tie in with the pattern of authentic saucer reports. The Air Force says that Wolf is a near star which may be found to have a habitable planet outside our kyhoe system. During these sharp maneuvers, the light climbed quickly, then made another left bank. Character sheet for an almost forgotten pulp hero. Keyhoe wrote a number of air adventure stories for Flying Acesand other magazines, and created two larger-than-life superheroes in this genre.

He thought Keyhoe often sensationalized material and accused Keyhoe of “mind reading” what he and other officers were thinking. In the Gorman case, the Eastern Airlines sighting, and other authentic cases, they insist all the witnesses were either deluded or lying.


After traveling at this hurricane speed, the balloon would then have had to come to a dead stop, in order to hover over Godman Field for more than an hour. Or it might have a civilization far in advance of the Earth. I think it explains the public statements about our own space-exploration plans: Marine Corps Aviator – Extraterrestrial Life In the last hundred years, there have been many such reports from all parts of the world.

There has been no sign of belligerence in any of the saucer cases — except perhaps in the tragic case of Mantell. Its direction and velocity would be governed by the number of nozzles operating, the power applied, and the angle kethoe which they manor tilted — toward the ground, rearward, in a lateral direction, or in various combinations.

The planet might be uninhabited. Listening to our broadcasts would give them one hell of a picture — what with A-bombs, jet bombers, germ warfare, strikes, espionage, the cold war, politics, the radio plays, soap operas and the rest.

The Mike Wallace Interview Himself. The flight was led by Captain Thomas F.

Major Donald E. Keyhoe: The Mike Wallace Interview

PennWell Booksed. Having survived the impact of the Atomic Age, we should be able to take the Interplanetary Age, when it comes, without hysteria. Then concentration on the United States, the most advanced nation.


S uddenly a brilliant, fast-moving object appeared ahead of them. This conclusion was based especially on the response Keyhoe found when he quizzed various officials about flying saucers.

October Learn how and when to remove this template message. This writer, as a Navy-trained balloon pilot, as well as a Marine Corps airplane pilot, is reasonably familiar with free drifting balloons.

Since some public explanation had to be given, this might seem a good answer.

In this way, a vast kkeyhoe of information could be collected without once making contact with the strange race. Five disks, sighted by Fred M. This was widely repeated by readers unfamiliar with balloons. However, the Air Force has repeatedly denied any such operations, and True believes the evidence makes it impossible. Gorman could see the Cub plainly outlined below him — there was a night football game-going on and the field was brightly lighted.

Edit Personal Details Other Works: The Earth satellite vehicle will have to prove itself as a keynoe base, a sort of aerial aircraft carrier from which rocket ships can operate on the Earth shuttle. After eight months of intensive investigation, the following conclusions majorr been reached by True Magazine:.

The mysterious light then turned in a north-northwest direction and quickly disappeared. It is utterly true. Gorman called the tower to recheck his clearance.

Obviously, the ship had disintegrated in mid-air.